A community of artists, working together to help enrich the cultural identity and vibrancy

of The Springs.

Join our regular meet ups! The aim is to have fun, catch up, and support opportunities to deepen the professional and personal relationships among the artists and creatives living and/or working in the Springs.

A Local Network of Creatives

We're creating opportunities that provide a platform for members to work collaboratively on new public art works and/or exhibits that engage the community in new and powerful ways.

Public Art Projects and Exhibits

Shaping the Springs

We're working together to create and promote a range of inspiring views on how The Springs can fully tap the power of art to create a more vibrant, engaging, and inclusive Springs community.

The collaborative efforts amongst the network’s membership are developing, promoting, and realizing a new vision of The Springs’ as a vibrant hotbed of artistic and creative expression and culture.

Mentoring Emerging Creatives

We identify and support opportunities for members to play an active role in mentoring and nurturing a new generation of aspiring Springs’ artists and creatives; artists and creatives whose work and talents we believe will be essential fuel to the engine of change that will help create and sustain a unique and vibrant  arts-oriented culture

throughout The Springs.